The New Way to Enjoy Nicotine

Never miss a moment with Nordic Spirit. Our 100% tobacco-free nicotine pouches deliver an instant, full-strength nicotine experience that is perfect in those moments when you can’t smoke or vape. Nordic Spirit is smoke and vape free and can be used discreetly anytime, anywhere.

Join the growing group of nicotine pouch users [i] by picking up Nordic Spirit at your local Bargain Booze.

Enjoy our Flavours and Strengths

Nordic Spirit offers a varied range of flavours and strengths to cater to individual preferences.

We offer three different strengths in our pouches…

Regular: Great for existing adult smokers or vapers who are new to nicotine pouches.

Strong: A choice perfect for those who have tried nicotine pouches before and want a stronger nicotine delivery.

Extra Strong: A strength designed for more experienced nicotine pouch users wanting a more intense sensation.

…and a great range of flavours.

Mint: Experience the feeling of Nordic air with our most popular flavour option, mint [ii]. Fresh tasting menthol blended with peppermint, resulting in a refreshing, balanced flavour.

Spearmint: Crisp menthol freshness balanced with fresh and sweet tasting spearmint flavours. A classic taste with a lasting impression.

Bergamot Wildberry: The flavours of wild berries and bergamot, perfectly blended for a sweet taste with a citrus edge.

How To Use a Nicotine Pouch

Enjoy a new nicotine experience in four easy steps…


Our containers are made from PP (polypropylene), which is usually recyclable in household recycling.

What’s in a can?

Each can includes twenty pouches and the lid opens for used pouches to be stored when not near a bin.

Each pouch is a 100% tobacco-free blend of high-quality ingredients and includes nicotine extract, fibres and flavourings.

Is Nordic Spirit Snus?

No, this is not traditional snus. While Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are used in a similar way to traditional snus, there’s a key difference. Traditional Snus contains tobacco, Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are 100% tobacco free.