As the May bank holiday approaches and summer’s warmth starts to fill the air, Bargain Booze is your go-to destination for stocking up on drinks that promise to make your celebrations memorable. From our highly anticipated Wine Event offering a vast selection of wines to our expertly curated spirits, beers, and cocktail inspirations, we’re here to ensure your summer kick-off is nothing short of spectacular. Dive into our selection, find your new favourite wine with our intuitive Wine Finder tool, and get ready for summer with Bargain Booze.


Spirited Selections for Sunny Days

  • 19 Crimes Spiced Rum: Perfect for sipping as the sun sets, mix with ginger beer and a slice of lime for a refreshing serve that balances the rum’s bold flavours with a zesty finish.
  • AU Vodka Strawberry: Best enjoyed in a classic strawberry vodka lemonade, this premium vodka promises a fruity and invigorating drink, perfect for summer afternoons.
  • Baileys Mint Choc Shake: For a decadent treat, blend Baileys Mint Choc with ice cream for a luxurious shake, serving as a delightful dessert or a cheeky cocktail.
  • Funkin Blue Raspberry 200ml: A versatile mixer that’s great for crafting vibrant cocktails. Add it to your favourite gin for a twist on the traditional gin and tonic.

Beer, Lager, and Cider: Summer Staples

  • Beavertown Neck Oil: A session IPA that’s as refreshing as it is flavourful, ideal for BBQs or simply enjoying in the garden.
  • Corona Extra & Sol: These lagers are synonymous with summer. Serve chilled with a lime wedge for an instant holiday vibe.

Discover Your Perfect Wine at Our Wine Event

Our Wine Event is an unmissable opportunity to explore hundreds of wines, from the rich McGuigan Gold Shiraz to the innovative Echo Falls Watermelon & Kiwi. Don’t miss the crisp Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, the celebratory Rosssini Bianco Spumante, the classic Mouton Cadet Rouge, and the authentic Sangre de Toro Rioja. With such diversity, our Wine Finder tool on Wine Event Page is designed to guide you through our selection, recommending wines tailored to your taste. Answer a few simple questions, and let us navigate you towards your next favourite bottle.

Wine Fun facts

  • France has the most amount of Viognier in the world
  • Suprisingly, Sauvigon Blanc is a parent of Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Pinot Griogio has been around for a long time! Pinot Gris tt was first made in Burgundy and made it ways  to Switzerland in the 1300s. From there it traveled to Italy, where it became Pinot Grigio.
  • Chardonnay is the most widely distributed white wine grape in the world
  • Merlots tell tale flavours is Plums and is generally a softer wine.
  • Don’t confuse Rosé with Blush. Blush wines are semi-sweet, while Rosé is dry.
  • Rosé wines can be dry or sweet.


Booze Bar Cocktails: Be Your Own Mixologist

This month, the Bargain Booze Bar brings you delightful cocktail inspirations to elevate your summer soirees:

  • Frozen Cello Gin: A blend of Gordon’s, Limoncello, and ginger beer for a refreshing and fruity cocktail.
  • Tequila Honeysuckle: A sweet concoction of El Jimador Tequila Blanco, honey, and grapefruit – a summery delight.
  • Peach Bellini: Master the art of brunching with our guide to making your own peach purée, topped with prosecco for a sparkling treat.
  • Club Rum Punch: Kick off summer with a punchy mix of Havana Especial, Bols Cherry, and pineapple juice.

Dive into the art of cocktail making by visiting Bargain Booze’s Booze Bar and bring the bar home this summer.

Join Us for a Summer of Celebrations

Get ready for the May bank holiday and an unforgettable summer with Bargain Booze. From discovering your new favourite wine at our Wine Event to mixing up sensational summer cocktails, we have everything you need to make this season special.

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This summer, let Bargain Booze be your guide to moments filled with joy, celebration, and exquisite tastes. Here’s to long days, warm nights, and cheers from everyone at Bargain Booze!