Spring marks the season of renewal, celebration, and the joy of gatherings. Bargain Booze is here to ensure that your Mother’s Day, Easter Bank holiday weekend, and St. Patrick’s Day are not only memorable but filled with the finest drinks to complement each occasion. With an exciting array of new launches, exclusive spirits, and timeless wines and beers, we invite you to explore our curated selection perfect for toasting, gifting, and enjoying. Discover your nearest store with our easy-to-use Store Locator and sign up for the latest deals and drinkspiration at Bargain Booze News.

New Launches and Seasonal Favourites

Spring at Bargain Booze brings a bouquet of new flavours and exclusive launches. Celebrate with the Ciroc Summer Citrus and Tropical Passion, perfect for crafting vibrant cocktails that echo the season’s zest. For St. Patrick’s Day, toast with the New and Exclusive – Proper Twelve Apple, a nod to the rich heritage of Irish whiskey with a modern twist.

Mom Pink Gin offers a limited-time opportunity to enjoy a unique gin experience, ideal for Mother’s Day gifting or sipping. Meanwhile, the Smirnoff Tamarind introduces a new taste profile, adding a tangy kick to your spring mixology.



Beer, Lager & Cider Selections

Our beer, lager, and cider selections, including Cruzcampo, Heineken, Inch’s Cider, and Peroni, provide refreshing options for any spring day. Pair Heineken with your St. Patrick’s Day feast for a crisp finish or enjoy a Peroni as the sun sets on an Easter Sunday gathering.


Wine Wisdom: Easter Meals and Beyond

Hardys Crest Cabernet Shiraz Merlot offers a robust companion to your Easter lamb, while the Trivento Reserve Malbec pairs exquisitely with grilled meats. For those seeking a lighter touch, the I heart Cava and Freixenet Italian Sparkling Rose bring sparkle to any celebration, perfect for toasting to Mother’s Day or enjoying as an aperitif.

The Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, with its crisp acidity, is an ideal match for your Easter seafood dishes or as a refreshing counterpart to a spring salad.

Crafting the Perfect Cocktails with Bargain Booze’s Booze Bar Selections

As spring unfolds, it’s time to refresh your cocktail repertoire with some of Bargain Booze’s exclusive Booze Bar creations. This month, we’re featuring a collection of cocktails that are as vibrant and refreshing as the season itself. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or enjoying a quiet evening at home, these selections promise to bring a touch of sophistication and fun to your springtime gatherings.

Mai Tai: With Kraken and Cointreau Dive into the tropical flavours of our Mai Tai, a bold mix that brings together the dark, spicy essence of Kraken Rum with the sweet, citrusy notes of Cointreau. This cocktail is a perfect reflection of spring’s lively spirit.

Apple Martini: With Ciroc and Apple Sourz For a crisp and refreshing twist, try the Apple Martini. This delightful concoction combines the smooth, fruity Ciroc vodka with the tangy zing of Apple Sourz, creating a drink that’s both sophisticated and invigorating.

MOM Gin Spritz: With MOM Pink Gin and Prosecco Celebrate the season of blooms with the MOM Gin Spritz. This effervescent cocktail marries the floral notes of MOM Pink Gin with the bubbly joy of Prosecco, crafting a light, refreshing drink that’s perfect for spring afternoons.

Baileys Raspberry: A Special Three-Layered Cocktail Indulge in the decadence of the Baileys Raspberry, a unique three-layered cocktail that layers raspberries, chocolate mousse, and Baileys. This luxurious cocktail is a treat for the senses, combining the sweetness of fruit, the richness of chocolate, and the creamy smoothness of Baileys.

Each of these cocktails is designed to add a special touch to your spring celebrations, with flavours that cater to every palate. To explore these recipes and more, visit The Booze Bar at Bargain Booze. Here, you’ll find detailed instructions and more inspiration to make your spring gatherings unforgettable.

Mother’s Day Gifting and Easter Joy

Choosing the perfect gift has never been easier with our selection of wines and spirits. From the limited-edition Mom Pink Gin to the celebratory bubbles of I heart Cava and Freixenet Italian Sparkling Rose, express your love and appreciation with a thoughtful bottle from Bargain Booze.


Introducing Our New Gift Finder: Personalised Mother’s Day Suggestions

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift just got easier with Bargain Booze’s innovative Gift Finder. Our new online tool simplifies your search by offering personalised gift suggestions with just a few clicks. Simply answer a series of questions about your recipient’s tastes and preferences, and our Gift Finder will curate a selection of gifts tailored specifically to them. From exquisite wines to premium spirits, discover the ideal present to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day. Click here to use our Gift Finder and ensure your gift is both thoughtful and delightful.


As the flowers bloom and we welcome the warmth of spring, Bargain Booze is your destination for all seasonal celebrations. From exclusive launches to beloved classics, our selection is designed to complement every moment, from Mother’s Day toasts and St. Patrick’s Day cheers, to Easter meals and beyond.

We invite you to explore our range, discover new favourites, and revisit trusted classics. With our latest deals just a click away at Bargain Booze Deals, ensure your spring celebrations are stocked with the best. Sign up for Bargain Booze News for updates on the latest offers and innovative cocktail ideas to inspire your springtime gatherings.

Here’s to a spring filled with love, laughter, and the perfect drink in hand – cheers from Bargain Booze!