Sipping Smart & Savouring the Savings

January, the month of resolutions and restarts, often comes hand-in-hand with a commitment to cut back on calories and embrace healthier living. But does this have to mean giving up on the joy of a relaxing drink? Not at all. Bargain Booze is here to guide you through a January filled with balance, where moderation and control, rather than deprivation, pave the way to success. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can enjoy cosy nights in with low-alcohol and lower-calorie options, whip up tantalizing mocktails, and make the most of cost-effective deals that cater to all budgets.


Crafting the Perfect Mocktails: Creativity in a Glass

Mocktails are the ultimate way to enjoy the complexity of cocktail-making without the alcohol. Use the low and no spirits to experiment with flavours – think Gordon’s 0% with a splash of tonic, garnished with cucumber or herbs. Or create a faux sparkling wine cocktail with I Heart Zero Sparkling, a dash of fruit juice, and a sprinkle of garnish. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to play mixologist and enjoy a delicious, guilt-free beverage.



Low and No Beers, Lagers, and Ciders: Refreshingly Responsible


If you’re a beer lover, the low and no alcohol versions of your favourite brews are here to ensure you stay on track with your goals. Heineken 0%, Peroni 0%, and Guinness 0% are leading the charge, providing the taste and experience of their alcoholic counterparts, with the added benefit of fewer calories and no hangover. Perfect for those cosy nights in where you crave the comfort of a pint without the excess.


Making Cost-Effective Choices Without Sacrificing Quality

January doesn’t just have to be about cutting back on calories and alcohol – it’s also a great time to reassess you’re spending after the festive splurge. Bargain Booze offers incredible deals on spirits that don’t skimp on quality. Whether it’s Captain Morgan Spiced for £8.99, Gordon’s Premium Gin at the same wallet-friendly price, Eristoff Vodka for £13.99, or the fruity infusion of Greenall’s Wild Berry for £14.49, you can stock your cabinet without breaking the bank.

Cost-Effective Deals for Beer Enthusiasts

Bargain Booze knows that good beer doesn’t have to cost the earth. Carlsberg Pilsner and Crumpton Oaks are both available in 4-packs for £3.99 – that’s less than £1 per pint. These deals are not only friendly on your wallet but also ensure you can enjoy a drink with friends or a quiet night in without the worry of overspending.


Wine Deals to Cheer About

And when it comes to finding cost-effective wines, Bargain Booze has you covered with deals that will make both you and your wallet happy. Choose two bottles for £13 from selections like I heart Pinot Noir and Most Wanted Malbec, or opt for the 2 for £14 deal, featuring favourites like Jam Shed Shiraz and Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon. With these offers, you can still enjoy your favourite reds, whites, and rosés for less.

Embrace the Cosy Nights

January’s long evenings are perfect for getting comfortable and enjoying a quiet drink. Bargain Booze’s selection ensures that these moments are not only cosy but also conscious. Sip on a low-alcohol cider or unwind with a glass of non-alcoholic Shiraz, all the while knowing you’re making choices that benefit your wellbeing.

Balance is Key

This January, remember that control is the key to long-term success. With Bargain Booze’s extensive selection of low and no alcohol beverages, as well as cost-effective deals, you can enjoy the month