Mothers Day Gift Ideas

March 10th 2022

Treat your mum this Mother’s Day

From stitching names into your P.E kit, always having a pen on her, an endless supply of tissues for those runny noses and the random mints at the bottom of her handbag (usually with a bit of fluff stuck to them) your Mum deserves to be appreciated this Mother’s Day (Sunday 27th March 2022 set a reminder now). Celebrate the special women in your life whether that be your Mother, Auntie i.e your mum’s best mate, Grandma, Carer or a super dooper Sis!

As ‘The Home of Drinks’ we have a great selection of premium pours at Bargain Prices including MOM Gin, Freixenet Cordon Rosado Wine, Gordons pink 0% low alcohol and gift sets such as Ophir Gin. Our range of gifts are available under one roof so take a walk down to ‘The Home of Gifts’ and treat your Special Lady to a boozy bouquet so she can enjoy a glass on Mother’s Day along with some chocolates and flowers. *

MOM Gin – Perfect for that lady who is an all-rounder. Enjoy this pink gin made with strawberries and exotic botanicals with a face mask, your favourite playlist and most importantly with your feet up! Pour over ice, top with your favourite tonic and add a strawberry for a sophisticated sip with a sweet taste.

Freixenet Cordon Rosado– Does she make your days sparkle whilst always maintaining an elegant glow? This one’s for her… with a fresh and fruity flavour and a sparkle for days, she deserves to have this! To make this vibrant pink the perfect serve, treat her to a rich chocolate cake with a warm gooey centre too. Because Mum deserves the best!

Gordons Pink 0% – Is your Mum constantly on the go and can’t afford to take her eyes off the ball? Sweet personality with a hint of raspberries and strawberries? Does she need to let her hair down? This Gordons Pink will be the perfect go to for a catch up with your Mum- have a giggle and make her smile.

Ideas to make the Mother’s Day A Memorable One:

  • For the mums who are magical in the kitchen, you may not be able to replicate her magical mouth-watering lasagne, but can you picture her face when you actually hand her something edible? Especially when you can hardly cook toast or familiar to food that pings. Knowing how much effort you have put into this will make her day- but will it get a Paul Hollywood handshake?
  • The one thing that stands out in all the ideas for Mother’s Day presents is the need for time to recharge. Mums don’t need stuff they will never use. They might love a handmade card, but they would prefer a decent nap or a day without a tantrum more than anything else. So when the kids are asleep or out, let mum press the pause button. Pour her a large glass of well-deserved wine (we have a large selection), draw a bath and a treat her to a face mask. It’s the little things that count this Mother’s Day!
  • We all know it’s been a long few years and family now more than ever means everything. Treat her to a sentimental hamper, this will definitely get those eyes tearing. A selfie of your last day out together, box of her favourite chocolates, engraved piece of jewellery, her favourite flowers and a bottle of her most tempting tipple – with premium pours such as Freixenet wines, Bathtub and Malfy Gin plus more, there is plenty of choice!
  • Mums work hard and love their families, managing a million caring details. Most of those details go unnoticed. Even if you’re just stopping by for a cuppa, your Mum will appreciate the offer of a helping hand. From the smallest acts like washing up your cup after you’ve used it, to carrying the laundry upstairs or suggesting you pick up some groceries, Mum will be grateful for the offer even if she doesn’t take you up on it. As Mums always know how to do things the right way!
  • Get them out the house… treat them to a day away at the zoo, shopping, Spa day, a hike in the countryside or a masterclass such as pottery! And don’t forget whilst they’re out the house keep it tidy… the last thing after a day away is to come back with socks on the floor!
  • Lift Mums spirits with our boozy bouquet – full of spirits, wine and mixers you will smash it out the park! Bringing to life cocktails together whilst laughing over her crazy methods, make sure to have a camera on the side to snap these perfect memories that will last a lifetime.

And most importantly, say thank you for just being her. Tell her that you love her, and appreciate everything that she does.

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