Drinkspiration this Valentines Day!

February 10th 2022

Blend with benefits or a bit on the side? We don’t judge 😉 Either way we have the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, try a liquid you’ll both love at first sip, buy Żubrówka, Glen Moray or Lanson Champagne from Bargain Booze today!

Swipe Right to these Valentine’s Day Sips with Żubrówka Rosé, Glen Moray or Lanson Champagne. For those looking for the perfect valentine’s gift, explore the world of Rosé Vodka Spritz through the natural fruity taste of Żubrówka Rosé, the Light, smooth and fruity Glen Moray, or the Citrus tastes of Lanson Champagne.

For a flavour they’ll fall in love with this Valentine’s Day, try the following:

  • Żubrówka Rosé Spritz: The perfect pair. To maximize those seeking a lighter, fruitier more natural & refreshing drink, put some ice into a wine glass or a gin balloon. Pour over 30-60ml of Żubrówka Rosé then top with tonic. Add berries to serve.
  • Glen Moray Malt Whisky & Ginger Ale: It’s a match, unlock the delicious taste of Glen Moray, simply mix 45ml of Glen Moray Single Malt Scotch Whisky and 150ml of Ginger Ale in an Ice Filled glass and garnish with a Squeeze of lime and drop in.
  • Lanson Champagne: Struggling for date ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Grab some Lansons Champagne Black Label Brut from your local Bargain Booze, this champagne blends perfectly with fish & chips (yes really).

This Valentine’s Day we’ve got the perfect blends with benefits, where you can treat the one you love, mix the perfect drink with drinkspiration from the booze bar, watch how to make a love potion COCKtail here ->

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