150 Years of Chilean Winemaking

December 6th 2021

Celebrate in style this Christmas with Errazuriz’s fresh and zesty Sauvignon Blanc, the perfect white wine aperitif, or a superb accompaniment to a wide range of food. Created from Sauvignon Blanc grown close to the Pacific Ocean’s coast in the Aconcagua Region of Chile, this wine has citrus flavours of lime and tangerine and a touch of tropical fruits which give it a fresh zingy flavour. It’s a Sauvignon with a refreshing acidity and gentle herbal notes on the finish which stay with you long after the glass is empty.

Known throughout the world for their excellent wines, produced from Chile’s Aconcagua Valley, Errazuriz are one of the oldest wine-producing families in Chile and have been making their range of wines for over 150years. The Estate was founded by Don Maximiano Errazuriz in 1870. With his great vision for the future and his innovative, pioneering spirit, he planted the first French grape varieties in the Aconcagua Valley which runs from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The Estate is now run by his descendent, Eduardo Chadwick, who has dedicated his life to promoting Chilean wines throughout the world. The sixth generation of the Errazuriz family is now part of the team with Eduardo’s daughter Magui helping to oversee global promotion of her family’s wines. Errazuriz is truly a family business.

Sauvignon Blanc has become one of Chilean wines great success stories with its fresh and zingy citrus characteristics, slightly more restrained than its New Zealand equivalent, but with riper fruit flavours than Sauvignons from France. Errazuriz’s version is fermented in stainless steel tanks and spends three months in touch with its lees which adds a lovely creamy texture to the finished wine.  It’s a superb ‘anything goes’ white wine which can be enjoyed equally as a crisp welcoming aperitif with almonds or olives, as a match for seafood or fish dishes, or with simply grilled chicken (or turkey!) or red meat dishes, though best without a powerful sauce or marinade. Sauvignon Blanc is also a fantastic accompaniment to cheese, so it really can accompany the whole meal from welcome drink to final mouthful.

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