The Summer of Seltzers

July 20th 2021

Some trends are better forgotten, anyone remember fidget spinners? However, some are meant to stay for good, and this summer the word (and drink) on everyone’s lips is hard seltzer.


What are hard seltzers?

Hard Seltzers are basically just a fancy way of saying alcoholic sparkling water. They’ve been popular in the US for years, but now it’s time for the UK to see what all the fuss is about.

Hard = Alcoholic.

Seltzer = Sparkling Water.

It’s that simple.

Seltzer is the American term for carbonated water and hard basically means that it’s alcoholic, similar to how the term “soft drink” means there is no alcohol.

In the US, they’re also commonly referred to as “spiked” seltzer, meaning they’re a seltzer water with alcohol.

No matter which term you come across, what those products have in common is an alcoholic drink, that’s carbonated usually with added fruit flavours.

As for the booze, this tends to vary. A range of alcohol bases are used to make hard seltzers – the list includes distilled spirit such as vodka, alcohol from fermented fruit or malted grains.

Hard seltzer has become an unstoppable trend in the U.S. drinks market, and now 46 per cent of alcohol drinkers and 76 per cent of beer drinkers in the UK would seriously consider hard seltzer as a first choice*, indicating the high demand for this product.


Mikes Hard Seltzer

Mike’s Hard Seltzers are leading the way in the UK.

The brand was formerly known as Mike’s Hard Sparkling Water, but has continued to refine its product based on the local tastes. After the team at Mike’s spent the last six months testing their formula and taking on feedback, they relaunched and re-emerged as Mike’s Hard Seltzer, a new name with a new improved taste to provide the ideal summer seltzer for summer and beyond.

They are now available on the shelves at Bargain Booze. The pre mixed cans of this refreshing beverage come in three flavours: lemon, lime, black cherry, and are the perfect summer tipple.

Mike’s hard seltzer is refreshingly light with a more intense taste, the new punchy formula uses real fruit juice, providing a burst of natural flavour without the artificial sweeteners you’ll find in other ready-to-drink beverages.

Each can contains 5% alcohol and 100 calories. They’re also gluten free and vegan….like most other drinks to be honest – but definitely offer a more balanced alternative to traditional alcopops, wine or cider.

This is how those cans of Mikes Hard Seltzer stand against other alcohol choices in terms of calories content:

62% less calories than white wine**

58% less calories than other ready-to-drink beverages***

35% less calories than cider****

Mike’s is the drink for those with an on-the-go lifestyle, perfectly suited to those who live fit and live fun. It doesn’t require a mixer, ice or even a glass. Just pop them in the fridge and crack one open when ice cold. Don’t overthink it.

If you want to be part of the seltzer craze sweeping the UK this summer then make sure to try Mikes Hard Seltzer. The ideal addition for any BBQ, picnic or night on the sofa surrounded by takeaway pizza.

Buy it, try it, like it. (Or hate it and don’t).

If you do like them, the team at Mikes Hard love to be followed on social media, it makes them feel good and all that oxytocin might make them want to give prizes away.


Find Mikes Hard Seltzer: Website: Instagram: @mikeshard_uk Facebook: @mikesharduk

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* Source: Kantar Omnibus survey September 2019

**62% fewer calories than white wine. Calculated on 27 top-selling white wines, average 78kcal/100ml. Mike’s Hard Seltzer 30kcal/100ml. Source: Nielsen 52 w/e 08/09/18. See

*** “58% fewer calories than most ready to drink beverages.” Calculated on 15 top-selling RTD, average 71kcal/100ml. Mike’s Hard Seltzer 30 kcal/100ml. Source: Nielsen volume YTD 29/02/20 total off trade. See

**** 35% fewer calories than most cider. Calculated on 60% of top selling ciders, average 46 kcal/100ml. Mike’s Hard Seltzer 30 kcal/100ml .Source: Nielsen volume MAT 18/04/2020. See