The Absolut Movement!

February 27th 2021

Absolut Movement is the latest in Absolut’s annual series of highly collectable limited edition bottles.


The Concept:

‘It is in our nature to stir together, to socialise and connect with each other.  The spiral is therefore the universal symbol of each and every one of us stirring together and connecting; it’s built into our DNA, and its these same swirls that can be found in stirring our deliciously iconic Absolut drinks. We want to hero this, as now more than ever these moments are so important to us. This has been manifested in its purest form with the 16 swirls on our new limited edition bottle.’


Absolut Movement is also their most sustainable bottle yet, capturing the iconic vodka within 16 swirls of 60% recycled glass (that’s almost 20% up on the standard).


Taking a further look at Absolut’s sustainability story and here’s what we found:


Absolut believes in making as little impact on the planet as possible. Our long-term ambition is to close all loops, creating a circular system.


Some of our achievements so far:

One of the most energy efficient distilleries in the world*

Every Absolut Vodka bottle is made with more than 40% recycled glass.

<1% of waste is sent to landfill.

Carbon Neutral Distillery*

More than 200k pigs and cows fed everyday with the high protein by-product stillage, the leftover from the fermentation of wheat.

We recover CO2 by-product from fermentation to be used by other.


*According to BIER 2017 study


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A couple of our faves:


Absolut Espresso Martini

25ml Absolut Vodka

25ml Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

25ml Strong Espresso Coffee


Absolut Soda Spinfusion

40 ml Absolut Vodka

150 ml Soda Water

1 Wheel Lime


Absolut Moscow Mule

45 ml Absolut Vodka

15 ml Lime Juice

Ginger Beer

1 Wedge Lime