Do we need resolutions for 2021?

January 8th 2021

Well, we made it! We all got through 2020 and are now in the midst of entering the New Year with hopes of a better start. So give yourself a pat on the back and why not make some New Year resolutions to kick off this clean slate? Afterall, it is what the majority of the nation does every year. Although, there has been a bit of a debate recently that this is the one year you may not need to.

For many, 2020 consisted of a lot of disappointments with resolutions and plans being thrown out of the window. From making personal changes such as trying to save more, to travelling the world or getting more organised. These personal goals were made almost impossible to stick to amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Since March, the main goal in life was to adapt and survive. Not only were we affected as individuals, but also as businesses, key workers and family homes. Even now, we are living through it today. So, why make resolutions for the New Year? Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment again?

Our answer is no. Now more than ever we need to look at making the most out of life whatever the circumstances. New Year resolutions are popular for giving people hope, motivation and responsibility. You could even call it self-care. By setting yourself at least 3 resolutions, you are more than likely going to reflect a more positive attitude towards obstacles such as lockdowns, restrictions and the same old news. Try not to go too big, keep them small and achievable. For example, with another lockdown you will save even more money on eating out and spending your income on recreational activities. By being stuck at home, it may encourage you to take more walks in the fresh air or spend more time with loved ones.

It is easy to ignore the positives and focus on the negatives during these unprecedented times. However, little things like setting yourself some personal goals for the year may keep you going. Who knows what 2021 may bring, but you are responsible for your own wins. They don’t need to be physical either. It can be small things that make a big difference such as supporting those who are struggling during this difficult time or crafting a hobby that will benefit key workers. If you’re finding it hard to put pen to paper regarding your resolutions for the New Year, here are some examples:

  • Do at least one act of kindness every week
  • Write down 3 things you achieved at the end of each day (big or small!)
  • Try to do one home workout each week
  • Go for a walk at least once a day
  • Have a meal with your loved ones at the table once a week
  • Practise self-care
  • Make healthier food choices
  • Learn something new every month
  • Read more books this year
  • Take an online course in something new

From all of us at Bargain Booze, we hope that 2021 brings happier times and successful New Year resolutions!