Mount Rozier Wine

October 5th 2020

We are super excited to bring you a new range of wines you might not expect to find in our stores. This wine producer has a strong focus on ethical and environmental wine production and even more importantly, they taste fantastic.

Based in South Africa are the vineyards of Mont Rozier. The whole approach to their wine production is one of letting nature control as much of the process as possible, the even use a solar powered press to squeeze the delicious juice from their Fairtrade certified grapes. But that’s not all that’s cool about the team at Mount Rozier, they also use natural pesticides rather than synthetics types to actually encourage bird and natural plants to thrive within their vineyards, minimising any impact on the natural wildlife in the area.

Why not checkout the video above to learn a little more about their wines and maybe even pick up a bottle next time you’re passing, we bet you won’t regret it.