Start Freshers right!

September 10th 2020

This September is the month that cities around the country come back to life with students arriving to begin their 3-year journey in further education. 2020 has been a crazy year so far, with lots of strange new experiences, from social distancing, to face mask fashion and loads more. But one thing that won’t change this year is the freshers well know structure of eat, drink, clean and repeat.

We’ve created some awesome quick bites to get your nights started or even the mornings after. Check out our Doritos chicken perfect for snacking on after a late night. Or try pimping your pot noodle for a quick pre-night out meal. In a rush to get to lectures? No worries, our 2-minute ramen is quick, cheap and easy to make and prepare when you need it. And if you have a house full or teams social to please, then this Mac ‘n’ Cheese will fill everyone up.

Stomachs full, you’re ready to get your drink on. Grab yourself a bottle of Sailor Jerrys for only £17.99, add ice and top up with ginger ale for a wicked Jerry & Ginger. And Just before you leave the house, serve up some Apple Pie Bombs using a shot of Fireball ‘Only £12.99 a bottle’ topped up with apple juice.

Now don’t forget to give that house a blitz clean before you go again, just a quick wipe down means it won’t go past the point of no return.

As well as deals on a great selection of spirits and ready to enjoy drinks sold cold, we are giving one lucky student the chance to win their very own Jägermeister chilled dispenser. Bring the party to your room and be the talk of the campus! Simply visit the Bargain Booze Facebook page to enter