Seltzers – There’s something in the water

July 13th 2020

The latest US phenomenon has hit UK shores! This summer saw the arrival of hard seltzers, an alcoholic flavoured sparkling water. But where di these come from, why are they such a big deal and will I like them? Well, we are taking a look at all of these points and hopefully help you understand a little bit more about this brand-new type of drink.

So, let’s start with what is a seltzer? Going way, way, way back, when people would travel to rural spas, and enjoy sparkling water from natural springs where carbonate water would come from the ground. Then a little later, Joseph Priestley discovered how water could be carbonated artificially, giving birth to soda water or seltzer. Over time seltzers evolved with the addition of flavours served cold, this healthy and refreshing beverage has become a global favourite.

So, what makes a hard seltzer? You would be mistaken if you thought it was just alcohol mixed with flavourings and sparkling water. It’s actually a brewed product much like beer and with just as many varieties. Some are colourless others have tones of colours from the natural fruit used to flavour, but all are around the 4-5% ABV mark.

So why have they become so popular? The health benefits mainly. With almost no sugar, only around 100 calories and very low in carbs. These quaffable drinks are an excellent alternative for those looking to lose the pounds without losing the kick. Typically, beer will have around 150 calories and 11g of carbs per can, seltzers have only 100 calories and only around 2g of carbs, while still maintaining the same ABV.

So, what do they taste like? Well, don’t be expecting the same intense flavour you might get from an alcopop that is loaded with sugar, these are more like sparkling water with a hint of fruit, that’s why they are so healthy, but served chilled on a hot day? These might just be a new favourite of yours. Healthy, refreshing and still has a little kick. Why not give them a go and find out why they have had such success over the water.