Planning the Perfect Date Night!

January 24th 2020

What’s perfect date night? A far cry from evenings with an M&S dine for two deals and a rather drawn-out task of carefully selecting a film on Netflix. No, let’s take it back to basics, shall we?

An ideal first date is a quiet-ish bar. Alcohol helps with the first date jitters. You or the other person has multiple “exits” in case it turns out to be a lousy date 🙂

There’s a reason why couples are always hitting the drink in our favourite rom-coms. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get close to each other. Once you’ve had your fill of the ice, you can enjoy some hard-earned drinks. Hot toddies, anyone?

One for the newbies, get spiritual. Wrap up and get close on a ghost walk as the convenient thing about ghosts is that they tend to hang around old cities everywhere. Bonus points if you find a spooky event that includes booze. So ditch the car, and get your walking boots on.

Everyone loves a singalong. Who cares if you can’t carry a tune? Pick a few favourite songs down at a karaoke bar, have a bit of Dutch courage, and we’ll be sure you’ll lower your inhibitions a bit. You may well murder a duet from dirty dancing together but who said romance is dead?

Research shows that couples who sweat together, stay together. It doesn’t matter what you do – so long as it makes your heart race, sweaty hands, a racing pulse, shortness of breath. Try jogging in the park, cycling down the river bank or a game of tennis. It is followed by a well-earned dinner at the pub and a cracking bottle of wine.

For those who have been together a while, close that deliveroo app! Trigger those memories of the good times before mundanities of real life took over. Relive the nostalgia. Pick a couple of places each and surprise each other with the locations. You can relive important moments, recreate a favourite activity or awaken those butterflies in the tum.

Reconnect with each other with a take a paint-and-sip class together, which involves–you guessed it–painting a masterpiece (or something) while sipping on wine or a cocktail. Or try a cooking class together, as side by side hand making chocolates or pasta is messier and more romantic and no cleaning up! Winner! Things always tend to heat up in the kitchen.