National Margarita Day!

January 24th 2020

When you think of Margarita, you think about Mexico, Lime, Salt rimmed glasses and bad heads. But where did this iconic cocktail come from?

So, let’s start with Mexico, Although the origins of the Margarita are not truly known, the most Mexican thing about a Margarita is that it is made of Tequila and traditionally uses Key limes or Persian limes from Mexico.

Stories of origin surrounding margaritas come from far and wide although the majority of stories do reside around the American, Mexican border. The most prominent one is that of a restaurateur Carlos Herrera in Tijuana. The story goes that in 1938 a showgirl that had caught his eye was allergic to all spirits apart from Tequila, but wasn’t a fan of the spirit neat. Fuelled by this challenge, Herrera is said to have whipped up a take on the classic tequila shot (with a salted rim) adding citrus fruit and sweetening with a liqueur. But the claims don’t stop there. Socialite Margarita Sames insists that she invented the drink in 1948, but in 1945 the well-known tequila brand Jose Cuervo had been running a campaign based around Margaritas so that it would have pre-dated her claim.

The list of claimants is endless, most from or about women with the same name, but probably the most accurate claim is that the Margarita as we know it is the same cocktail from the prohibition era by another name. Margarita in Spanish means “Daisy”. The latter, however, uses brandy as the base (2 units), mixed with citrus juice (1 unit) and then a liqueur added to taste (1 unit). No matter the origin, the Margarita has earned its place in the cocktail hall of fame and continues to bring delight to many wherever they are in the world.

One of the best things about Margaritas is the versatility that this cocktail can offer by making the slightest change. Adding all manner of fruit or even how you garnish can take you to so many different places. We thought we would take it on ourselves to experiment and what we came up with was a refreshing watermelon Margarita, perfectly blending sweet and sour, sure to bring delight to any who taste it.

Follow our simple recipe to try for yourself.

50ml of your chosen Tequila

50ml of watermelon juice (you can buy this, or squeeze yourself)

25ml of lime juice (try rolling the lime before you squeeze)

Six mint leaves

Pinch of sugar

(Shake all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into a glass)

Try rimming half the glass with a mix of salt and cracked pepper and garnish with a slice of lime and some whole black peppercorns.

Download our recipe card by clicking here