Deck the halls with I Heart!

December 3rd 2019

Deck the Halls with i heart Champagne and Prosecco ho ho ho!

Looking for something special this Christmas!? Whether it is Prosecco, Champagne, or a Sparkling Rosé, i heart Wines has got you covered.

Bold and beautiful i heart Champagne Didier Chopin is not to be missed. This award winning number is a real crowd pleaser! With notes of honeyed fruit and toasted brioche it is sure to please. If you are feeling fancy serve with canapés and wow your guests.

As for i heart Prosecco, it is a firm favourite for many. This light sparkling beauty has a delicate apple and peach flavour. Ideally served on its own or perhaps as a part of a show stopping Christmas cocktail.

For those of you who are yet to try i heart Italian Rosé, you are missing out! Delicate, light with fresh ripe fruits…plus errrrr it’s pink. This little showstopper is a winner.

So make that list and check it twice to ensure you have fizz in the bag for parties and gifts and of course the main event.

i heart Italian Sparkling Rosé

Sleigh bells ring, are you…. Drinking? (Responsibly of course!)

The perfect pairing for the delicious and infamous pigs in blanket is…ding, ding ding… i heart Italian Sparkling Rosé. This wine brings the sparkle to appetisers and certainly follows the same colour scheme 😉 Recommended serve: Scoff as many pigs in blankets as you like pre the big day (it’s Christmas, there is no judgement), curl up on the sofa in your festive jammies, get snug and watch Love Actually for the 15th time and enjoy those well-earned bubbles. (Don’t worry we all do it!).

i heart Prosecco

It’s beginning to look a lot like … Chaos! Yep, it is just those Insta snaps that look perfect, everyone else is scrambling around trying to juggle work, children, organising gifts, food etc etc. Be sure to set aside 5 mins for yourself, take a break and put your feet up.

Trying to cater for a million different dietary requirements!? Having guests over in the run up to Christmas!? Why not try an antipasti board? Olives, prosciutto, artichokes, dried tomatoes and CHEESE! (for those that can enjoy it! ;-)) – an impressive combination to match the elegant and bubbly i heart Prosecco. You won’t be disappointed.

i heart Champagne

I’m dreaming of a… flawless Christmas!

The big day has arrived. Ahhh panic stations. Early start (especially those of you with little ones!), full day of cooking ahead and of course family to appease (keep that game of Monopoly hidden ;-). i heart Champagne Dider Chopin is going to be your friend. Whether you are sitting down for breakfast with salmon, cream cheese bagels or rushing around whilst wanting to get everyone out of the kitchen, Champagne is sure to delight. Sit, sip and toast to a Merry Christmas.

i heart Merlot

Chestnuts roasting on a … ‘oh s**t they’re burnt!

The food is on the table and the day is drawing in, time to twist open a bottle of i heart Merlot. Pairing deliciously with both the main meal and spiced plum pudding. Congrats you made it, time to eat and relax, the pressures off.

i heart Cava

Should auld acquaintance be forgot…only if I’m too busy!

The one evening a year where everyone promises to change for the better and everyone questions where the past 12 months have gone?! That’s right, it’s New Year’s Eve once again. Deciding to miss the crowds and go over to your favourite pals house for the evening, being forced to stay up past midnight to welcome the new year in. i heart Cava is the drink for you, this Spanish delight will be a much needed change from the Champagnes and Prosecco you’ve clearly over-done on for the past 30 days ;-). i heart Cava pairs effortlessly from appetisers through to meals, the perfect drink to bring to your guest house to say thank you. We recommend making your New Year’s resolutions prior to the 31st, then you can pretend you’ve forgotten all about them by the 1st!

Save this for social!

Jingle bells/ i heart Wines

i heart Wines, i heart Wines,

i heart all the way,

oh what fun it is to drink,

a flute of Champs in the sleigh, OOO

i heart Wines, i heart Wines,

i heart all the way,

Dashing through the shops,

With one hand on a glass,

Through the bottles we go,

Drinking all the way,

Corks and bottles go pop,

Making Champagne fizz,

What fun it is to eat and drink,

With i heart Wines tonight,

i heart Wines, i heart Wines,

i heart all the way,

oh what fun it is to drink,

a flute of Champs in the sleigh, OOO

i heart Wines, i heart Wines,

i heart all the way,

Back at home chill,

On the sofa we will stay,

Bottle of wine on Sill,

Sipping through the day,

Corks and bottles clink,

Making friendships sing,

What fun it is to eat and drink,

With i heart Wines tonight