“The” Christmas Party

November 5th 2019



We have held off as long as we could, but it’s time to talk Christmas! And more importantly Christmas parties. Whether it’s the picturesque family gathering or the best-forgotten office party, we are going to be talking all things party.


So, let’s get to the office party. Dreaded by many, this carries a reputation as being the night to forget for many workers, but does it always have to be like this?


Bad food, bad music and cheap drinks are all the usual things that make up the stereotypical office party, but it doesn’t have to be this way. This Christmas, Bargain Booze has put together the tick list of items you need to throw the ultimate office party.


Not everyone is the same, so it’s best to pick a theme that can be adapted to individuals, no one likes being left out remember.

So, we have chosen a Gin party as the perfect all-rounder. It allows everyone to get involved and tailor something to their tastes and even explore and discover something new.

We will talk about building your gin station in a moment, but let’s think about how you can bring your theme to life?

Why not turn your party into a fancy-dress event from the prohibition era where gin boomed?

Why not create a “best gin” concoction competition?


So how do you set up the perfect gin station?

First, you need to choose a base range of Gins for your party guests to choose from. We suggest a mix of classic London dry and a few flavoured options to keep things interesting. We recommend two classics’ like Greenall’s and Bombay Sapphire. Two wild cards like Ophir and Bulldog and two flavoured options such as J.J Whitley Pink Cherry gin and Koppaberg’s Strawberry and Lime gin.

Next, you need to choose your tonics. Fevertree have a vast range of classic and flavoured tonics, perfect for any gin station.

Finally, you will need to create your flavour station, this is where your guests can tweak their gin to their tastes. This can be pretty cost-effective, putting out a range of fruits can be more than enough to offer a wide range of flavours to experiment with. Fruits like watermelon, pomegranate, pink grapefruit, kiwi, cucumber and citrus fruit give you enough of a range for no one to get bored creating.


One of the most critical parts of any party is picking the music. Choosing a playlist is the perfect way to make sure you get a balanced background to suit your party. This also avoids ending up with the office DJ taking over and playing half of their favourite tracks for hours.

We have picked out a few playlists that will give you the perfect atmosphere, no matter what your tastes.

Classic Christmas

Cheesy Christmas

King of Christmas Michael Bublé