At-A-Halloween Party

October 8th 2019

5 things you need to have a — Halloween party

No matter how big or small your witches gathering might be, Bargain Booze has you “convened” …Ok, so bad pun over we can get down to giving you the top five things you will need to make your Halloween party one to remember.

Number 1 – Decorations

You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations to create a Spooktacular house for Halloween. With a few really simple tricks, you can turn your house into a right treat. Taking toilet rolls and wrapping your front door creates a really cool looking mummy door. Spray paint some empty jars white, add googly eyes and place tealights inside to create some really cool ghost lights. If you want a twist on a Halloween classic, why not try making some glam pumpkins. Spray your pumpkin, white, gold or silver, add a witch’s hat and decorate with sequins or sticky jewels for a classy Halloween look.

Number 2 – Drinks

Drinks are a sure way to make your party stand out, and again, they don’t have to be the most expensive, just the most creative. Play with colours and garnishes to make simple cocktails really stand out. Here are a few tips:

  • Use canned strawberries – They really do look like little hearts.
  • Jelly snakes look great in any green drinks.
  • Strawberry sauce can be used to line a glass before adding your drink or poured over the top to make it look bloody great.
  • Mixing cream based and clear shots create disgustingly cool Halloween shots.
  • Try a classic and mix your favourite liqueur with some jelly to make little jelly shots.

Number 3 – Music

Music makes a party, but don’t spend hours building your own playlist, try Spotify or YouTube for some ready to go petrifying playlists. We have picked out a few of our favourites:

Number 4 – Food

You don’t want to be spending your time in the kitchen during your party, so preparation is key and having simple snacks that can be pulled out when needed is a must. That’s why we have created two simple recipes for you to follow. An old classic and a modern twist, both sure to please even the fussiest of party guests.

Toffee Apple 

Chocolate Banana Ghosts

Number 5 – Games

No party is complete without games and what a selection we have (for all ages)

Marshmallow Toss

Setup a triangle of cups in front of each player and take turns trying to get your marshmallow in their cups. If you land one in your opponent’s cup, they have to drinks the contents. For Kids fill with some pop, but for the adults, why not a cheeky shot in each. First to drink all their cups loses.

If drinking isn’t your thing, then other classics are The Mummy Race – pair up and the fastest pair to wrap the most covered mummy in a minute. Pumpkin Patch Stomp – Each payer has to pop 10 orange balloons (Pumpkins), first to pop ten wins – to make it harder, you have to pop them by sitting on them.

With each f these points covered, you’re sure to have a party to remember. Why not share your party pics on Instagram and tag us with #bargain_boo_ze or share on our facebook page (