Cooking with Wine

September 10th 2019

Cooking with wine – Ways to make use of every drop

We all know that most annoying thing is wasting that last drop of wine in a bottle. This might not be something everyone relates to, but s we looked at ways a daily glass can help boost your health we thought, what to do with that little bit that would get left over after 3 days of the bottle being open?

Well cooking with wine can be a great way to use up that last little half glass. Creating super sauces, marvellous marinades and stupendous stews (especially as we head into the colder months)

So, we thought a little myth busting and some key points to cooking with wine as well as three easy to follow recipes would be a great to share with you.

Firstly, lets bust a myth. Alcohol evaporates when you cook with it, so wine-based sauces or marinades won’t be getting anyone tipsy, unless you add it in at the end of course…

But boiling down the wine concentrates the flavour and acidity as well as removing the alcohol content so you get the fantastic flavour and no of the hangover, but caution must be taken when adding wine as too much could dominate your dish, so less is more when cooking with wine.

Now let’s look at a few tips for cooking with wine:

Wine that is up to 4 days old should be fine, but after this, the wine will have oxygenated and tainted the flavour, so look to use your wine up on day 4 latest.

If you have a little bit left in the bottle, transfer to a smaller container and keep in the fridge, this will stretch the lifespan and for cooking, wont effect the wines flavour at all.

Now when it comes to the wines, the most versatile wines are Pinot Grigio for your white sauces and a Merlot for your marinades and stews.

So if you find yourself with a little bit leftover, why not try our three easy to follow recipes below – Simply click on the link and download our PDF cooking cards.