National Prosecco Day

August 13th 2019

August 13th is the day we celebrate one the UK’s most popular drinks…Prosecco

With more 435,000,000 bottles of prosecco produced annually it seems this bubbly beverage isn’t only a favourite in the UK; the USA, Germany, France and Austria also can’t get enough of this pocket friendly alternative to Champagne.

Much like Champagne, Prosecco must be produced in certain regions of it home country, Italy; specifically in the North-east regions such as Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It must also carry both DOC and DOCG classifications, these are a seal of quality and mean Designation of controlled origin (DOC) & Designation of origin and guaranteed (DOCG).

The main grape variety used to produce Prosecco is Glera. Interestingly the grape variety itself used to be called Prosecco, but this was changed to protect the brand name and ensure others regions couldn’t copy it. Finally, to be a Prosecco the wine must be made up of at least 85% Glera 

A little-known fact is that there is a bubble scale for prosecco; the bubbliest being named Spumante and the lowest called Frizzante. You can even get a flat prosecco called Tranquillo!

Your Prosecco will often also have a scale of sweetness on the bottle, letting you know how much residual sugar there is. Brut is the driest with the least amount of sugar, followed by DRY sweeter variety and finally the sweetest, Extra Dry.

Now we know a little more about prosecco, how can you celebrate this fantastic fizz on national Prosecco day and throughout the summer?

Why not try this cool prosecco sharing cocktail?

Prosecco Club Punch

Take a watermelon, slice of the top and hollow out making sure to keep the flesh

Blitz the watermelon flesh in a blender and carefully sive3 back into the hollowed-out watermelon,

Add two shots of white rum with the juice of one lime,

Then add plenty of ice and crushed mint and top off with your favourite prosecco.

Have a party planned? Well why not setup your own prosecco station?

Setting up your own bubbly bar couldn’t be easier, just offering a few of the ingredients below give your guests all they need to create their own creations:

JUICES: Orange and peach juice are classic additions to create a mimosa, but pomegranate, mango and berry juices are equally great to try

CORDIALS & SODA: There are so many soda’s and cordials that are an excellent way to pimp your prosecco. Ginger beer, lemonade, elderflower and rhubarb are all tasty additions.

SPIRITS & LIQUEURS: Packing more punch to your bubbles, Gin, Chambord, Cointreau and Limoncello can also provide great flavours to experiment with, provide a great twist to your fizz.

FRUIT & GARNISH: Frozen fruit doesn’t just look great but also keeps your flute chilled. Strawberries, peaches and tropical fruits serve as flavour booster as well as great garnishes, but for something a little special, edible petal look great to finish off your creation.

So, get those bottles popping and celebrate in style.