Gin & Juice

August 12th 2019

Is your mind on your money but gin’s on your mind? Us too! That’s why this month we’ve got a GIN- credible 20% off selected gin’s in store and online.

We’ve teamed up with the talented Afternoon Delight Barber Shop Quartet for their rendition of none other than Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre’s 90’s banger Gin & Juice! Check it out ?

We know the world’s gone GIN-sane, and Bargain Booze are jumping on that GIN-fueled band-wagon.

Just in case you didn’t catch our amazing deals in all of the excitement, here’s what we’ve got on offer this month ?

So you’ve got the deals, you’ve got your keys in your hand and you’re ready to get the hydraulics bouncing on your ride straight down to your local Bargain Booze, but wait! You don’t actually know how to make the classic cocktail that puts the ‘G’ in Gangta do you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here’s our handy guide on how to make a Gin & Juice fit for Snoop Dogg himself every time:


Gin… & Juice (go figure!)

BB Tip: You can use any pure fruit juice that takes your fancy but the most popular (and BB favourite) is 50% pure orange and 50% pink grapefruit juice.

Time to mix it up! The Method:

1. Fill a tall tumbler to the top with ice
2. Add a shot (or two) of your favourite gin
3. Top up with your juice of choice

We know, it’s not the most complicated cocktail to make but Snoop, Dre and the Afternoon Delight lads like to keep things simple ?

Gin not your thing?
No worries!
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