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Discover Prahva

June 11th 2019

For 150 years the master brewers at Staropramen have been brewing beers that are rich in flavour, depth and substance yet perfectly balanced. Noticing attitudes and tastes were changing, the brewers decided to do something a bit differently. The latest beer from Staropramen is Pravha; brewed to celebrate the modern, restless side of Prague. Named after the city which inspired its birth, Pravha is brewed to a Czech recipe with the finest barley and Czech hops. At 4% ABV, it has a unique balance of bold iconic flavour yet light taste.

Taste Notes:

Appearance: Pale Gold
Aroma: Sweet hints of malt and hop spice
Taste: Light sweetness, hint of caramel
Mouthfeel: Medium light fresh
Finish: Balanced finish, with light lingering hop

Food Pairing

Pravha’s bold flavour and light taste pairs well with a variety of foods. Similar to Staropramen, Pravha pairs well with meat dishes. As a lighter tasting pilsner, it goes particularly well with lighter meats such as grilled chicken or pork. The light fresh malt sweetness and balanced light hop means it will pair with a sweeter meat but cut through a complex sauce or a rich cheese. Barbequed food also goes well as the beer is bold enough to stand up to and cut through the smokey barbeque flavours.