Wagner Brings The Cheese!

June 4th 2019

This month we brought back everyones favourite Brazilian singer: Wagner!

Instead of working in store this time we had Wagner chatting up unsuspecting customers with his cheesiest pick-up lines!

Wagner doesn’t need to use his pick-up lines on us of course. You see, Wagner loves Bargain Booze, and we love him, so in that respect we’re a perfect match.

Haven’t seen our latest video yet? Take a look here:

Video Link – Facebook

But what’s more, even though Wagner’s pick-up lines are too cheesy for words, it’s not even the most amazing thing. 

Nope. Because as well as teaming up with Mr. Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho (as his postman calls him), we’re also launching some truly amazing deals. 

It’s more than 20% off 20 wines! We have some amazing deals:

Martini Prosecco 75cl

Ghibello Chianti 75cl

19 Crimes Chardonnay 75cl

Now these deals may seem too good to be true, but believe us, they’re not. They’re the real deal, 100% genuine and ready to go.

Click below to see all of our amazing wine deals.

But our amazing deals don’t end there! We have introduced weekly 7 day deals which you, our customers will see each week! Check our website every Tuesday to find our latest 7 day deal.

That’s right, a new deal for you to grab each week. These deals can be found in store. Click here to find your local Bargain Booze!

Subject to availability in store.