i heart Wines

May 29th 2019

We are a collection of wines that focuses on grape variety and with the flexibility to be sourced from around the world, always delivering the best quality and value. With the simple yet striking design, people can buy wine with confidence, based on the flavours they like, to go with whichever occasion they choose to enjoy it with and without the headache of trawling through the shelves to find the ideal wine. Here are some description of some of our wines:

i heart Wines

i heart Pinot Grigio
One of the most popular in our range! Fresh and crisp, a light style wine that is full of lemon and peach flavours, with a zingy citrus aroma.

Food Pairing
Try drinking alongside grilled white fish, chicken dishes and seafood salads, or enjoy on its own. Pinot Grigio is technically a “grey” grape!

i heart Pinot Noir
Smooth and elegant, a lighter bodied wine full of sweet plummy fruit and a hint of spice. Pinot Noir means ‘pine black’; down to its colour and the way the grape bunch is pinecone shaped on the vine!

Food Pairing
How about trying our Pinot Noir with a baked brie or camembert to start. Then perhaps with some delicious duck and black bean stir-fry. Alternatively, it would go well with smoked salmon if you preferred a lighter meal.

i heart Sauvignon Blanc
Crisp and fruity, with fresh cut grass aromas and zesty lemon flavours. Sauvignon Blanc means “Wild White” in French because the vines used to grow wild!

Food Pairing
Why not try this with Mexican food, fajitas perhaps? If you prefer something lighter, it pairs perfectly with Greek salad. This wine if so varied it would even pair well with a delicious classic pasta dish, such as Carbonara.

i heart Merlot
Soft and smooth, medium-bodied red with lovely cherry flavours.

Food Pairing
Try drinking alongside roasted red meats or creamy pasta dishes, or enjoy on its own. The name Merlot comes from the French word for blackbird (merle), a reference to the grapes colour.

i heart Shiraz
Rich and spicy, bursting with ripe and juicy black fruit flavours.

Food Pairing
This varietal pairs fantastically with Lamb, either grilled or casserole style. If you enjoy spice, a delicious chilli con carne or spicy beef stir-fry would work excellently. In the summer, why not try our Shiraz with a barbecue?

i heart Rosé
Fresh and fruity, packed full of strawberry and cherry flavours and soft red berry aromas.

Food Pairing
Try drinking alongside roast chicken or grilled salmon, or enjoy on its own. A wines colour comes from the grape skin; Rosé only has contact with the skin for a short time to turn it pink!

That’s how we see it… ..but we’d love to hear what you think!