Barry from EastEnders

April 23rd 2019

Some things in life are hard to believe, aren’t they?

You know, like there’s a basketball court on the top floor of the U.S. supreme court Building (It’s nickname? ‘the highest court in the land) or the fear of long words is called hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (We couldn’t say it either).

Well, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and all these things are actually true!

But how about this for a real game-changer? A former BBC soap star, working at Bargain Booze? That’s right, everyone’s favourite“buffoon”, Barry from EastEnders, is now our official employee!

Janine might not have loved Barry, but we love him & Barry loves Bargain Booze, so we are the perfect match!

But what’s more, even though our latest recruit is both a head-turner and a conversation-starter, it’s not even the most amazing thing!

Nope. Because as well as teaming up with Mr Shaun Williamson (as his postman calls him), we’re also launching some truly amazing deals. Now these deals may seem too good to be true, but believe us, they’re not. They’re the real deal, 100% genuine and ready to go.

Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka 70cl. Was £12.99, now £10.99.
Pravha & Carlsberg Pilsner 12 pack. Was £11.99, now £8.99.
Lagunilla Gran reserve 75cl. Was £13.99, now £8.99.

And more!…

Some things are hard to believe, but don’t have to question your sanity about these. These are deals that will make you take to the hills! (too soon?)

So, don’t miss out, head to the ‘What’s Hot’ section of our website now to get involved.

And just because we’re nice, we’re going to be adding another deal to the list each week. So, keep checking back for hard to believe (but true) deals. Yessssss!