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Franchise Opportunities

As a Bargain Booze Franchisee you’ll receive all the benefits of partnering with a high profile brand yet still have total control over your business.  We work hard to ensure your store is unrivalled in terms of convenience and value – giving you low prices, big promotions, industry leading incentives and first rate support every day.  We act as your back office, meaning less paperwork and more time to run your store.

Despite our stores being predominantly North West based, we do trade from Newcastle, down Ramsgate, over to Newquay and back up to Carlisle. We are continually expanding, making us the biggest off-licence chain in the UK and are also present in Scotland under our dedicated fascia Bargain B’s.

We are a Franchise led business, but do own a number of company owned stores which are available to purchase and run as a franchise.

Contact our dedicated New Business team on 0330 30 30 333 or email .


Q. How do I become a franchisee?

A. If you have a trading shop contact the development team with the following information. Size of store, current turnover, current margin.

If you don’t currently have a store, the first step is to locate a suitable empty shop premises either for sale or lease. WE CAN HELP! At Conviviality Retail we work with a number of property finders to help you find the ideal store, completely FREE. For your information, a Bargain Booze store requires a minimum of 600 square feet of retail space, plus additional ground floor storage. A larger Bargain Booze Select Convenience requires a minimum of 800 square feet of retail space.

You should also consider factors such as visibility, customer parking and delivery access.

For specific guidance regarding a particular site, please talk to a member of the Development Team and he or she will be able to provide you with advice.

James Convenience Retail




Q. How do I obtain a licence?

 A. We work with a dedicated licensing firm that will be able to make your new application or transfer your existing licence for you. 

You will need at least one Personal Licence holder to act as your Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) and we would recommend that you have more than one Personal Licence holder within your business in order to provide you with cover if, for any reason, your DPS leaves the business. 

In order to obtain your Personal Licence you will need a relevant qualification (usually the APLH – Award for Personal Licence Holders) and a CRB background check.

Phil Dickson





 Q. What support will I receive as a new franchisee?

 A.You will receive (amongst many other things):

 Training on the tills and EPoS system.

 A dedicated Brand support manager making regular visits to your stores to help maximise the profitability of your store

 Full merchandising and shop-fitting of your store in line with your agreed investment

 Assistance with obtaining/ transferring your licence

 Entry into the group insurance scheme.

 The ability to earn shares in Conviviality PLC

 The ability to earn a cash over-rider payment

 Marketing training and discussion of marketing to launch your business.

Alex Kapadia




 Q. Can the EPoS system provide me with full stock control, suggested reorder reports, profit reports, sales analysis and stock valuation?

 A. In a word, yes. Every piece of sales information from your store is downloaded to Bargain Booze Head Office every night, effectively making the Head Office the ‘back office’ for every single store. You will receive total support with every type of information you could possibly need to run an effective and profitable business.

Contact our dedicated New Business team on 0330 30 30 333 or email