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Franchise Opportunities


Switch, Sell or Strengthen with Conviviality Retail


Looking to make more money and stand out on the high street? We will fund up to £50,000 to upgrade your store to a Bargain Booze or Select Convenience.


Looking to retire or simply ‘cash-out’? Then we are always on the look-out for spectacular sites to buy.


Visions of building a retail empire? Whatever your ambition, we can turn pipe dreams into reality with the newest, fastest, lowest risk way to grow your business.

1.       Find a suitable site or let us find a suitable site with our optimal location tracker.

2.       We will fund ALL upfront costs including the refit.

3.       Over an agreed period of time, pay back the upfront costs and 50% of the refit from a portion of the shop’s profits.

4.       Once all repayments are made, you own the business and the goodwill.

5.       Continue making money or we’ll buy back at the end of the term.

Want Great Availability & Service? Call us now! We’re easy to work with and have a flexible and agile approach to doing business – Call 0330 30 30 333 now.

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